Improving fitness will provide a range of different benefits for both physical and mental health.  Participating in regular exercise enhances cardiovascular health, strengthens muslces and bones and helps maintain a healthy weight.  Beyond this, physical fitness helps to reduce stress, improves mental clarity, and improves mood through the release of endorphins.  Long-term commitments to fitness can help to reduce the risk of diseases and conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, hypertension, etc.  Overall investing in physical fitness yields a multitude of positive outcomes and a healthier and more resilient lifestyle.


Improve HEALTH

If you suffer from a stable medical condition, for which you are visiting your GP, it may be possible to improve your quality of life and relieve symptoms through doctor recommended exercise Liverpool.  With a qualification in GP  Exercise Referral, Andy Coyne at Improve Personal Training Liverpool is well placed to guide you in the safest, most appropriate ways possible.  Regular exercise offers a range of benefits for people suffering from a number of medical conditions, including management and treatment of symptoms.  Conditions covered include: Personal training for Cardiovascular disease; Personal training for hypertension; Personal training for osteoporosis; Personal training for mental health; Personal training for diabetes; Personal training with high blood pressure; Personal training with asthma; Personal training with COPD; Personal training with metabolic disease; Personal training with osteoarthritis; Personal training with osteoporosis; Personal training with Low Back Pain and Personal training after join replacement.



There are many ways to shed some excess pounds, but usually just a little bit of jogging and cutting back on the pies won’t do the trick. Your customised programme will focus on scientifically proven techniques for reducing body fat; not only on achieving your desired weight loss, but also in maintaining it long-term and providing health benefits that may even improve quality of life.



By undertaking the correct exercise regime before, during and after pregnancy, mothers can enjoy fewer complications from their pregnancy, improved ability to regain their pre-pregnancy shape following childbirth and can limit weight gain. 


You may not be happy with some of the changes your body is undergoing, or you may wish to enjoy some of the benefits mentioned above.  If you are interested in options such as 1-2-1 personal training sessions, or partner sessions with a friend in the same situation then please contact us via our contact page.


Improve YOUR strength for rowing

Rowing is a strength/ endurance sport which means that developing strength is an essential element that should not be omitted from any training regime.  Strength training as part of a well designed training programme is vital for the development of strength, power and speed in the boat.  However, it is much more than that.  Rowing training alone can lead to the over development of certain body parts and underdevelopment of others leading to an increased risk of injury.  Tightnesses in certain areas and lack of strength in others can similarly lead to injury.  I see all too many rowers have to take time away from the sport they love because of injury in this way.  


Over the last fifty years, strength training for rowing has evolved from endurance circuit sessions to workouts utilising techniques more similar to those used by weightlifters, power lifters and the like.  No other sport requires the same level of strength and conditioning to perform at the best level and as performance increases, the general club circuit session or some circuit you found online simply won't cut it.  Try our purpose designed programme, tailored to your personal needs, to help improve outcomes in the boat and reduce the risk of injuries.


Get the body you want and deserve with Improve PT – Personal Trainer in Liverpool

Our Personal Trainers offer the flexibility to train at your most practical place; at home, or outdoors, in our studio, virtually online... it's totally up to you. We recognize time is vital to those with busy lives and other priorities, so we work around you, 7 days a week, early am until late pm.  Whatever budget you have set aside for a personal trainer in Liverpool, we can develop something to suit it.  Along with being there for your Personal Training Liverpool sessions we are also here for you beyond session times. We’re always available by phone, email or text for help and advice.

Improve Personal Trainers Liverpool are highly experienced and care about clients. As a personal trainer in Liverpool my expertise, skills, favorable and friendly approach is unique and renowned, but most significantly the results gained with my clients go above and beyond the realms of expectation.  Together not only can we reach your goals, but surpass them. We make use of market leading training approaches that focus on minimizing injury, increasing flexibility and efficiency, taking full advantage of weight loss, and freeing clients from pains and aches.

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