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Are you looking for the benefits of personal training in Liverpool - great motivation, carefully planned progressive training, a careful eye on technique to reduce injuries - but maybe not able to pay for a whole session on your own...?  No problem.  Group training could be for for you.


All you need to do is find a group of friends, family, collegues, anyone in fact who you'd like to work out with.  It's best if you have similar goals.  Maybe you're a group of new mums looking to return to fitness.  Maybe you're a group who all have holidays planned and want to look your best on the beach.  Or maybe you're a group who are all planning to take on your first 10K or similar running event and need some guidance.  


Group training is for any group of three or more people who are going to regularly train together at the same place and time.  The following prices are based on groups of 3-5 people.  If you have a group of more than six please get in touch as we'll be able to negotiate even greater savings.



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